Technical specifications

VoltFeeder® 380V AC VoltFeeder® 28V DC Load management

Electric Power
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VoltFeeder® Power Unit is a portable compact lightweight 7 kVA electrical generator.

Your advantages with VoltFeeder®

VoltFeeder® Power Unit can be operated with a variety of low-sulphur fuels:

VoltFeeder® Power Unit is a light and portable (emergency) generator which guarantees the electricity supply at any time and at any place. Instead of a heavy Diesel or petrol engine, VoltFeeder ® uses a modern and highly efficient gas turbine combined with an electrical generator, the same technology used on modern jet aircraft. The fuel is efficiently burned at high temperature, resulting in lower emissions.

VoltFeeder®, with its compact dimensions, is easily carried and can be fitten in the trunk of a car, taken on board a helicopter or be man-carried on the back to be brought to hard to access places.

VoltFeeder® can be used everywhere, be it at home, on the farm, in business, at events or during disaster relief. VoltFeeder® is suitable for many applications in the domain of mobile and emergency electricity supply.

Load management unit, LV-8000

Intelligent load shedding management

Primary / Secondary supply circuits allow for priority feed selection.

Potential applications

Example: horse racing

Computers of the betting office connected to the circuitry having first priority are protected against overloads. Air conditioning, heating, refrigerators etc. are connected to the circuitry having second priority; during an overload of the generator, these will be automatically disconnected

Example: field hospital

An operating room normally connected to the Priority 1 circuitry will be protected against a generator overload, whereas air conditioning, refrigerator, kitchen, etc. that are connected to the Priority 2 circuitry will be automatically disconnected during an overload situation.